Introduction to Menus

Menu is a group of command in a graphical bar.
There are two types of menus .menu .menu-horizontal, the mobile version in both the menu at the top left you'll see a button to scroll the menu down.


All elements contained in theulin the mobile version will be hidden automatically.

With the class .menu-horizontal you can draw in the horizontal menu, the menu will acquire the parent block size, as in the example below, the div that contains the menu has a class .dm-3, then the son will have menus the size of the parent div.

<div class="dm-3 no-padding">
<div class="menu-horizontal">
 <div class="menu-title">
  <a href="#">Logo</a>
   <a href="#">Link</a>
  <li class="selected">
 <form class="menu-item dm-12">
  <input type="text" class="input dm-8">
  <button class="btn dm-4 success ">Invio</button>
 <div class="menu-item">
  <span>Testo semplice</span>

Example menu rounded: